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“Diamond Exclusive” Redirected Leads

Our “Diamond Exclusive” Redirected Leads” for MLM are exactly what the name implies… they are some of our very best quality, and they are EXCLUSIVE to you. Every single one of these RED HOT leads is a person who responded to our online ad and then personally filled out one of our registration forms mere moments ago. 

Best of all… you can have these VERY HOT LEADS redirected exclusively to YOUR website!

These custom, Company-Specific leads give you impressive and profitable new opportunities to achieve, and even exceed your goals. This is the most cost-effective way to expand your business by connecting with legitimate prospects who are actively seeking a home-based business at this very moment.

All these leads are highly qualified individuals who have stepped-up and declared that they are interested in getting involved with a home-based business. Each of these prospects made contact with us when they responded to our email sales letter, and then filled out one of our online survey forms to request information.

As soon as they click the “Submit” button, they can be immediately redirected to YOUR website.  (In fact, if you are online when that happens, they may still be on your site when you CALL THEM BACK, if you react quickly enough.)

These leads are FAR BETTER than having your own “Sales Funnel”.

With our “Diamond Exclusive” Redirected Leads you ELIMINATE all of the wasted time, money, and effort of having your own “Sales Funnel”.

For you, we do ALL THAT… AND MORE!

We are flat-out EXPERTS at direct response marketing. The bottom line is that we have DECADES of success under our belt, and have already done all the testing and tweaking.  So, you don’t have to.

You get ALL the benefit of our experience, with NONE of the headaches or wasted expense.

You get high-quality results… actual PRE-QUALIFIED PROSPECTS who are redirected EXCLUSIVELY to you!

If you’re genuinely looking for proven ways to expand your business, we’ve got pre-qualified leads that come with all the personal information you need to make a good connection!

Order includes a Back Office Account with us

Your Back Office gives you the ability to completely customize your experience.  Among the set-up features with your account, you can -View Your Leads, -Pause Lead Delivery, -Set The Number Of Leads Delivered Daily, and -Choose Male Only or Female Only Leads!

To view a sample Back Office Account, click the image below or click the following link.
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Benefits of our “Diamond Exclusive” Redirected Leads

Each lead comes with the following information:

How it works:



1000's Of Prospects


Prospective Leads


You Get Targeted

Landing Page


Option 1


Option 2


Option 3


Option 4


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